About Us

KampusSide is an online system designed for academic institutions, to remove the need of creating a new full web application by any School, college or university to manage and handle their day-to-day academic processes from managing the Noticeboard to Admission Process. Thus bringing the institutions closer to millions of students and making each and every process simply easy.

About KampusSide Ranking

KampusSide that indicates the importance of the global online presence of schools, colleges and universities rather than their academic reputations. While a better online presence does not guarantee a better reputation, there is often a strong correlation between these two indicators. Online presence is a good indicator of the significance, popularity, and breadth of content provided by an institution on the web. More popular and respected institutions tend to rank higher as a result.

Our Vision

To fulfil the educational needs across a spectrum of individuals or institutions with reliable experience and technology, around the Globe.

Our Mission
  • To provide end-to-end education solutions using Technology.
  • To become a leader in the Technology & Education services field.
  • To create comprehensive educational content and service that can be delivered through a series of innovative mechanisms, thus removing physical and cultural barriers in knowledge dissemination.
  • To be a vehicle of change by creating interfaces that allow education to reach the unreachable.